Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wow - I can't believe how quickly the first few weeks of school have gone. The media specialists and the IFs are getting ready to offer a class on the Big 6. I hope there will be a lot of interest in our district. It's one of those initiatives that could have a huge impact on the quality of student work if the implementation were widespread. I think two of the biggest benefits would be that we would have a systematic way of teaching information problem-solving, and that we would have a common language in grades K-12. Here are the stages of this process:
1. Task Definition
2. Information Seeking Strategies
3. Location and Access
4. Use of Information
5. Synthesis
6. Evaluation
Within each of the stages are two additional stages that more clearly define what happens at each level. The classes will begin in October - hope to see a room full of teachers that first night!

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